School trip Verona-Sirmione

We students of the linguistic high school, together with the students of the high school pedagogical partner, last year we organised a school trip to Verona. The morning of 22 March we left Borgo Val di Taro with the bus.

Halfway through the morning we arrived in Verona, and we visited the Basilica of San Zeno, after which we visited the Arena and we made a lot of photos.

At lunch everybody could have two hours to eat and then we went in the centre of Verona to go shopping. In the afternoon we visited the Romeo and Juliet’s balcony, where everybody wrote a phrase on a piece of paper and then we attached its on the walls of the balcony, also the guys, according to the tradition that had been told, they touched the breast of the statue of Juliet. 

In the evening we took the bus and then we went to the hotel, which was in Sirmione. The next morning we visited the Scaligero’s castel, after the visit at the castle we went for a walk downriver the Garda’s lake and we had the chance to see the sulfur springs.

 Subsequently we visited the Caves of Catullus by taking numerous photos of the landscape that  was aroundexhausted and hungry we returned to the center and everyone was free to lunch where he wanted. Then following an alley parallel to the castle we found a playground immersed in the green. In the late afternoon we did a long walk eating a delicious ice cream. The trip concludes here.