Our school trip in Milan

We show up, we are three girls Chiara, Irene e Sharon of the third high school specializing in languages of “Zappa Fermi” in Borgo Val di Taro. 

We want to tell you, among lots of school trips made with our class, the trip that we will always have in our heart: in Milan.

On 16 april 2018, at 8 o’clock about, we left from the station of Borgotaro, to go to Milan. After two long hours, we finally came to the central station of the city. Just arrived, we got on the subway and, after a while, in front of us there was the great Dome.

After a rich breakfast, before to visit the symbol of the city, we made a walk in Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery.  Inside it, there are lots of shops, among which the new Cracco’s restaurant, the famous chef. He was in his restaurant for a photoshoot. We searched to attract his attention, shouting his name, but he was very busy!

After a long queue, we entered inside the Dome, which we visited it for some hours.

At 14 o’clock, we finally went together to eat a sandwich at Burger King, near the Gallery. Before to get on the train to come back, we visited the center and we entered in the most famous shops of the city like Gucci, Versace, Zara, Louis Vuitton and Victoria’s Secret. 

At the end, we went very quickly to the subway, where in a subway stop a young and funny boy: he was playing a violin and he was singing some songs of the moment. 

After a long and heavy day, he gave us a smile!!!

Then we got on the train and we arrived in Borgotaro about the dinner.

This school trip, it united us still more! It had been an amazing trip and we hope to repeat this experience!!!

See you soon!