Certifications in Zappa-Fermi high school


We, the guys of the linguistic high school, can obtain linguage certifications in french, english and german.  They certify your linguistic level which can be A1, A2,  B1, B2, C1, C2.

This year the majority of our class dealed the exam of delf B2 scolaire, in french. The test is divided into four parts, the first three are a sinlge written test formed by two spoken understanding, two written comprehension. The fourth part is a spoken production, where the student read and say his opinions on a text, and this is followed by a debate with the examiner. The highest score is 100 points, but for obtain the certification you must have 50 points.

For prepare ourself our french teachers organised some lessons in the afternoon where we exercised on simulations of the four parts of the exam. For improve ourself we exercised on more difficult exams then the one that we must do, like the Delf B2 for the public.

With this certification, you don’t have only an external credit for the school year, but if in the future you choose University faculty the language proficiency exam will be automatically validate.

Next year we will have the possibility to obtain also english and german certifications.