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  • School trip Verona-Sirmione

    We students of the linguistic high school, together with the students of the high school pedagogical partner, last year we organised a school trip to Verona. The morning of 22 March we left Borgo Val di Taro with the bus. Halfway through the morning we arrived in Verona, and we visited the Basilica of San […]

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  • Reading Week – “LetturalMente”

    All the students of the secondary school of “Zappa-Fermi Institute” participated and organized “LetturalMente”, the week of reading. It was a week rich in events, with individual and collective readings, recitations and meetings with literatry and musical experts. The week takes place during the carnival period, in the “fat week”. All the students of the istitute […]

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  • Theater and us…Action!

    During the week of the book, on initiative of the Prof. Mortali and Lanzarotti, a theater laboratory in english language was held. Some students of the Zappa Fermi institut,  which some of them were belonging to the 4th linguistic class, have staged two novels that became films: “Willy Wonka and the Factory of Chocolate” and […]